Get free shipping on an order of 12 cans or more. Use "FREESHIPPING" at checkout 🍻 📦

Get free shipping on an order of 12 cans or more. Use "FREESHIPPING" at checkout 🍻 📦

Strange Weather is driven by the love for beer, and run by two beer geeks with vast experience within the beer world. Right now we are a gypsy brewery. It allows us to make beer without huge investments and create capita for future projects.

Although we want to make every beer style from crisp lagers and juicy IPA’s, to tart and fruity Berliners and heavy Stouts, our true passion lies in the realm of funky, sour and wild beers. Our dream for the future projects is to have our own warehouse and fill it with foedres and barrels to experiment with these beer styles.

About us brewing

Farmhouse brewing has deep roots in Scandinavia, and we want to emphasise this culture, and focus on local traditions, methods and ingredients in our brews.

Experiments with farmhouse and barrel aged beers can be done relatively easy, by buying fresh wort from other breweries to bring back for fermentation in the warehouse. This allows us to focus on experimenting with different fermentation methods and additions of secondary ingredients like fruits, berries and herbs.

And who’s behind Strange Weather, you ask? Mere two experienced beer lovers. Working and running some of the most well known beer bars such as Brew Dog, Fermentoren, Mikkeller & Friends, BRAW and Dispensary and working hands on as a brewer on Amager Bryghus has made us capable of realising Strange Weather.

So grab your umbrella, wellies and waders and dive in to the Strange Weather world.

Andreas, Leigh, Jesper & Kenneth.